The secret to a slimmer and happier YOU
is to Live It Not Diet!

Size goals. Not weight goals

Weight Loss Program Wallingford

Hi I’m Rob Nevins.

Here’s the ‘skinny’ on weight loss achievement. Most programs benchmark on just losing weight. However, the weighing scale can lie and a loss of pounds does not necessarily mean a loss in hip size.

My innovative approach focuses not just on weight loss but on stripping away fat. There’s no special pills or meals and you can eat the food you love -- just simply follow my guidance and structured plan.

How does it work?

People vary in body size and composition, which dictates different food types and quantities. This is why every single one of my clients gets a meal plan tailored to the exact nutritional needs of his or her body. After all, eating the right food in the wrong quantities doesn't mean you're burning fat; it just means you’re making healthy choices.

The fact is, it doesn't matter how much weight you're losing, how much fat you're burning, or how many sizes down you're shrinking -- if you don't enjoy the food that's on your meal plan, you're not going to follow it.

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Weight Loss Program Wallingford

Marcia- from Middletown

Weight Loss Program Wallingford

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Doctor Recommended

“Even though I had seen many of my close friends lose weight with your program, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about your approach. However, after being on The Living Lean Program, I have not only lost over 55 pounds to date and gained significantly more energy, but my overall cholesterol level fell by 84 points! ...

Sidney Horowitz, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry (Psychology), Yale University of Medicine

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